Sunday Reading: On the Positive Side


This past week, I was drawn to articles about positivity. Here are a few that I think you might enjoy as well.

El Paso Shooting: Hundreds Of Strangers Come To Mourn With Widower At Wife’s Funeral

You may recall that a man, Antonio Basco, was widowed because of the El Paso shooting. Having no family to invite to his wife’s funeral, he told a reporter writing about his loss that he’d welcome anyone who wanted to attend her service. The news went viral. The funeral just happened on Friday, and you need to read the details of what happened. Never forget that there are good people everywhere.

The Privilege of Positivity

This post by John Pavlovitz, author of “Hope and Other Superpowers,” addresses the requests he often gets (and we all get on social media) to post more positive things in our feeds. He understands where these folks are coming from, but also points out the shortcomings of that approach. This is a smart and perhaps eye-opening viewpoint.

#GreenShirtGuy: How I went viral

If you haven’t already read it (or maybe even if you have), I encourage you to read Green Shirt Guy, aka Alex Kack, in his own words explaining the moment he became a viral social media moment. He, like us, is channeling his concerns about the current state of our country into action, and his outlook is so uplifting. I felt completely recharged reading it. That he responded to my tweet about his article was just the cherry on top.

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