Deadline Alert for North Carolina!


Friday, August 16 is the last day to register to vote in the upcoming special elections in North Carolina on September 10. Two seats in the U.S. House of Representatives are at stake.

Check if you’re registered: I Will Vote

If not, click for: NC Voter Registration Forms and Instructions

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9th District

You’ve heard a lot about this election. This is the election that was invalidated due to the Republican candidate’s election fraud during the midterms. The citizens of North Carolina’s 9th District have been without a congressperson in Congress this entire session.

It’s time to elect Democrat Dan McCready! After you remind everyone to register to vote, here’s how else you can help win this for McCready: How You Can Help Win an Election the Republicans Tried to Steal 

3rd District

The 3rd District is also having a special election because the former incumbent, Rep. Walter Jones (R), who had held the seat since 1995 died in February. Jones had won all of his recent races pretty handily, but that is often the case with an entrenched incumbent. Interestingly, while this district voted for Trump in 2016, they voted for Obama twice.

It’s time to elect Democrat Allen Thomas! You can help elect Thomas by donating to his campaign HERE, or signing up to voluteer for his campaign HERE.

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