Sunday Reading: 3 Unique Angles on Guns & Violence


Not surprisingly, a lot was written this week about the recent mass shootings, the origins of hate, and what the country should do about it. Here are three articles that stood out to me for being really different than what everyone else was writing about.

What Toni Morrison Understood About Hate

Toni Morrison, the beloved author who passed away earlier this week, received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1993. At the ceremony, she gave a speech on the power of language, recognizing its ability to lift people up, and how, in the hands of the wrong people, could be violent. Do read this incredible piece by David Remnick in The New Yorker. And let’s all be cognizant of the words we use.

This Is What Latinos Think Everyone Got Wrong About El Paso

The author is a reporter who has been talking to immigration activists for a decade. This is a community he knows well and reading about the pain they are feeling isn’t easy. The last quote in the piece is something we all need to hear: “It is really the last few months that I feel not wanted by my fellow Americans and it hurts… I know the vast majority of Americans do not feel this way about us, but we will need you to speak up.”

The FBI and CDC Datasets Agree: Who Has Guns—Not Which Guns—Linked to Murder Rates

The feds may not be allowed to study gun violence, but that hasn’t stopped universities from doing some of the work. If we’re going to roll up our sleeves to get gun laws passes, we want those laws to be effective. This article looks at research from Boston University that reveals which gun laws we should be focused on.

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