Take 2 Minutes to Help a Candidate


Do you know what your favorite candidate wants from you? Your help.

I won’t lie and say they don’t want your donations–they absolutely do–but they need your actual help. Campaigns need a lot of people power to be successful. That’s why every campaign website has a Volunteer/Help page. So they can send messages directly to their fans and supporters detailing the help they need.

Your 2 minute mission today: Go to the campaign website of a candidate you want to help and sign up on their Volunteer page. 

You could help one of the Democrats running for a 2019 Governor seat, or perhaps you want to help flip one of the state legislatures with elections in 2019, or you’re looking ahead towards flipping a GOP Senate seat or even protecting a Democratic Senate seat in 2020, but whoever it is, pick a candidate and sign up on their volunteer page.

I will warn you, they are going to send you a lot of emails and many of them will include asks for donations, but you aren’t going to unsubscribe because of that. Why? 1) You want to hear their messaging–what issues matter to your candidate and what do they want you to know about them–all that will help you be a better advocate for them, whether in person or on social media. 2) They really do need the money, and at least some of their supporters click on those asks every day. Doesn’t mean you have to. 3) The emails are really short, so you can scan and then file or delete in a flash. Plus the obvious: That’s how the campaign can let you know what type of help they need!

So there you have it. In 2 minutes, you will have helped your candidate today. Thank you!

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