How You Can Help Win an Election the Republicans Tried to Steal


Did you hear the story of the congressional House seat the Republicans tried to steal in North Carolina?

The midterms in November had a lot of headlines but this one story had legs. What started as odd ballot returns cascaded into a twisted story that ended up being straight up election fraud perpetrated by the Republican candidate’s campaign (absentee ballots were being manipulated or destroyed). You can catch up on the whole sordid story HERE but what you need to know today is that North Carolina elections board invalidated the entire election results and ordered a new election.

Here are the mug shots of the people involved with the election fraud, who all turned themselves in last week:

NC09 pic

Photo courtesy WSOC-TV

Immediately, the Democratic candidate Dan McCready announced his intention to run again. The disgraced Republican candidate decided (wisely) not to run again. Ten  Republicans ran in the primary, with Dan Bishop winning the Republican nomination.

Turns out, he’s a piece of work too. Here he is on Twitter, right after the El Paso and Dayton shootings, calling prominent Democrats “crazy” for pointing out the truth:


Screengrab courtesy of Daily Kos Elections

The new election happens on September 10. We must do the citizens of the 9th District in North Carolina right and elect Dan McCready. Back in November, this was a very competitive race but overall, the election experts think this is a “Lean Republican” district. The local newspaper has reported that Republican PACs are spending millions to win this seat.

What does that mean for us? We can win it, but we’re going to have to put a lot of effort into turning people out to vote.

What can you do?

You don’t need to be in North Carolina to help turn out voters. There’s plenty of things we can all do to help win this election.

Write letters to voters: Two progressive groups are targeting infrequent Democratic voters with handwritten letters to encourage turnout. Any of us can help with this project but we need to start immediately. Learn more and sign up to help HERE.

Write postcards: Postcards to Voters just launched their campaign for Dan McCready. This is another great way to remind voters how important their vote is and why Dan McCready is the candidate to vote for. Sign up to start writing HERE.

Canvass the NC09 neighborhoods: This is for the locals. Canvassing is the #1 most effective way to turn out the vote. Mobilize America has a list of canvassing events that you can find HERE.

Phone bank: This is for anyone with a cell phone. Phone banking right before an election (that’s now!) is a terrific way to remind Democratic voters about the election and get them to commit to voting on Election Day. You can sign up HERE.

Spread the word: Remind any friends, family, or social media followers to check their voter registration — they MUST be registered by August 16. Then, remind them to put Election Day on their calendars, reminder apps, post-it notes, whatever will remind them that their vote is critical!

Donate: Donations are important right up to the very end as they help pay for more hands on deck, and we’ll need every one we can get. Here’s his campaign website: Dan McCready

More ideas for local activists: 15 Ways to Help a Campaign Win Their Election

Let’s go win this seat!

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