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Each Sunday, I like to post a few articles I read during the week that I think my readers will also find interesting. But last night, after reading about the El Paso shooting, I threw out my draft in order to focus on resources on gun violence prevention. The only article I left in place was the final one about Trump’s use of the word infestation, which although was written earlier in the week, was extremely chilling to re-read in light of the massacre.

30 Gun Reform Actions You Can Take Now

This great list of actions was written after the Virginia Beach shooting in May, but the actions are all highly relevant today.

Moms Demand Resources

The grassroots gun violence prevention group, Moms Demand, has collected important statistics and information about gun violence so their supporters can use them to help enact change in their neighborhoods. I encourage you to read them and get involved.

Gun Violence Must Stop. Here’s What We Can Do to Prevent More Deaths

The Prevention Institute has a study that outlines the myriad ways we can reduce gun violence in our communities. Read their billeted summary and commit to helping move the needle on at least one of their recommendations.

What Trump Talks About When He Talks About Infestations

This article by Ben Zimmer, a language expert, looks at the dark political history of the word “infest,” which Trump uses very specifically. Most troubling, is how quickly one can jump to the conclusion that infestations justify exterminations.

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  1. Although I wish it were not true, this same post will most likely need repeating in the future…more than likely the very near future. You have gathered some excellent material on gun reform and this post is both timely and necessary. The last piece by Ben Zimmer is a particularly informative inclusion. Having just read a piece by Jordan Fabian in this afternoon’s email from The Hill titled “Trump on mass shootings : ‘Hate has no place in our country.’, I am inclined to agree with Trump on that statement. I had hoped that he would add that he is leaving the country, that would be a starting point! Thank-you!

    • Thank you, Ellen. This isn’t the first time I’ve posted resources so we can take action on gun reform, and as you point out, it won’t be the last.

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