15 Key Swing States in 2020


If we want to take the presidency in 2020, these are the 15 states we need to pour our efforts into.

The only way we win the White House is by winning the Electoral College. Yes, I’d much prefer to have a popular vote system (and HERE’s where that effort currently stands) but the fact remains that to win 2020, we have to win the Electoral College. There are 15 crucial swing states that we need to focus on.

What is a swing state? A swing state is one where the difference between the number of Republican and Democratic votes cast is pretty narrow. They are also states that have been both red and blue in previous presidential elections.

To compile the list of swing states, I surveyed election experts and key election-focused organizing groups to see who they have on their swing state list. Sources I used: McClatchy, Teagan Goddard, Crystal Ball, Swing Left, NDRC, and election nerds I follow on Twitter.

Here are the swing states for 2020:








North Carolina

New Hampshire







In the coming weeks, I’ll be publishing Swing State Guides that focus on each of these states, one at a time. You’ll get the demographics information, down ballot races (governor, House/Senate, state legislatures, etc.) that will help generate excitement and interest in the state, as well as state-specific organizations and resources.

The guides are meant to be used both by folks who live in the swing states, and also people who want to help move the needle in one of the swing states even though they may live in a reliably blue or red state.

And, to be clear, in 2020 I want to win up and down the ballot, not just the White House. But these guides are for those who specifically want to work towards flipping the White House in 2020.

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  1. In the last election my state of PA went for trump. But afterward the newly elected Democrat Governor had the voting districts redrawn after many organizations complained that the state was highly Gerrymandered to give the GOP advantages. It went through the courts and the new voting districts were redrawn. Even a GOP challenge to it was dismissed by SCOTUS.

    I just wonder if my state will remain Red this time. It should be interesting to see if the new voting districts will actually make a difference. The GOP had one highly Gerrymandered district that surrounded mine, yes surrounded. It was called Goofy Kicking Donald.


    • That district is one of the most famous gerrymandered districts in the country. It illustrates how absurd it is to allow legislators to choose their voters. I am hopeful, that if we all take some action every month, we can flip PA blue this year.


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