1 Thing to Remember When Democrats “Fight”

How do you feel about Democrats fighting amongst themselves?

Here’s where I am:

I think discussing problems is how we come to the strongest solution. Not fighting, but discussing.

I think Democrats–all of us under this big tent of ours–share the same goals. We agree on the problems that need to get solved. We just differ on how to best solve them, and which problems get prioritized.

I think that’s worth discussing. At the end of the day, after a lot of disagreeing about solutions, we need to remember that we still share the same goals. We’re on the same team.

Don’t let it become about who wins and loses. If we don’t solve the problem, we all lose.

Let’s be clear, the other team doesn’t even agree on what the big problems facing this country are. They’re altogether ignoring issues we care deeply about. That’s why, when the time comes, I will always vote for the Democrat.

My preference is that the disagreements Democrats have aren’t aired so publicly. I hate that the media and the Republicans grab onto our disagreements about solutions and turns them into a narrative that we’re fighting all the time.

Again, democracy can be messy. We fundamentally reject autocracy. If the people and politicians are talking, discussing, exploring—that’s all good. Let’s just all remember we’re in this together.

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  1. I was listening to NPR on Friday and they were talking about this “schism” in the democratic party. I wanted to strangle them. As you say, it’s not a SCHISM, it’s people discussing different ideas and solutions and trying to figure out which will work best. But continuing to speak about it in that way makes people feel disenchanted about the lack of unity… I think it’s really harmful rhetoric.

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  2. Better yet – The Dems could become an example for the nation of how people could share their different views with the intent of learning from each other. Dems could show how decision-makers, equipped with a full array of info and willingness to listen, could work collaboratively to develop sound strategies to address our challenging problems. What a vitally transformative group Dems could become!

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