Sunday Reading: Focus on the States


This entire week, I seemed to be surrounded by, or drawn into, conversations about the importance of organizing and investing resources in state-level activism. This week’s articles reflect that focus. Enjoy!

Republicans dominate state legislatures. That decides political power in America.

I’ve written about the importance of fighting for control of the state legislatures, and here, Vox does a great job of both explaining the current situation and lists out the top states where we are well positioned to flip a chamber. An inspiring read.

Democrats had a lot more power in state legislatures this year. Here’s what they did with it.

This opinion piece at The Washington Post recounts the state-level wins we had in the midterms and then walks through the liberal policies those states were able to push through. They include wins on abortion rights, climate change, gun control, Medicaid expansion, minimum wage, and voting rights.

The Blue Wave Excerpt: The Decisive Role Of Black Voters In The 2020 Democratic Primary

This is an excerpt from a recent book edited by the esteemed University of Virginia Center for Politics Director Larry J. Sabato, and written by Theodore R. Johnson, an expert in African-American voting patterns.

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