Take Action Tuesday: Tiny Actions Count!


“Nothing changes if nothing changes.”

We all want to see big changes in our country. Well, those aren’t going to happen if none of us change anything about how we go about living our lives. Changing the country isn’t a job that can be done by one person. Collectively, though, we can move a mountain.

This Tuesday, pick one small thing you can do to move your country forward in the right direction. You may have your own idea of what that is. I’ve also listed a few ideas here as well.

1) Call your 2 Senators and 1 Representative to ask them what they are doing to resolve the humanitarian crisis at our southern border. They’re all back in their home states for the July 4th recess, so call them at their local number (not the DC one). Find their contact information HERE.

2) Contact your local Democratic party or League of Women Voters chapter and ask them if they have a voter registration event coming up that you can volunteer for. We’re going to need massive turnout in 2020 to win everywhere–from the White House to all the critical positions in your state and local district.

3) Find the campaign website of your favorite 2020 candidate and sign up to volunteer for them. It’ll be right up there at the top of the website–it’ll say Volunteer or Get Involved or something like that.

Whatever it is that you care about, whether there is a particular policy issue that you want to fight for or you are all about flipping seats in the upcoming elections (2019 and 2020), you can find something to do today to get you closer to that goal. Every action adds up.

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