Sunday Reading: The View from the Other Side


Not surprisingly, I read a lot about the 2020 campaign for president this week, the week of the first primary debates. There’s a lot out there but I thought I’d share with you what the non-rabid folks from the right are seeing at this point.

How the Democrats Win 2020

This opinion piece appeared in The Bulwark, which is a center-right publican, but written by a former chairman of Common Cause. The author explores the question of what makes the winning coalition for the Democrats in 2020, noting that some say we need to concentrate on the base while others push for the centrists. The article makes the case that we would be foolhardy to just pick one. It then dives into the many groups that stand to gain from a Democratic president and how we approach them. Full of good information.

‘Complete This Sentence: Donald Trump Wins Reelection If … ’

This is a conversation between four of the people who managed a Republican presidential campaign in 2016 (for Cruz, Kasich, Rubio, and Bush.) They were brought together as they are among the few that understand what’s it like to run a campaign in such a crowded primary–recall that there were 17 candidates then. All of them are deeply knowledgeable about politics and I found the banter between them fascinating. I learned some things, and know you will, too.

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