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We find ourselves in the summer months prior to an off-year election…which is to say that this isn’t a time of great electoral excitement.

Yes, we have Special Congressional Elections in North Carolina’s 3rd and 9th Districts in September. Yes, we have Gubernatorial elections in Kentucky, Mississippi and Louisiana in November. Yes, we have state legislative elections in Virginia, New Jersey, Louisiana and Mississippi in November. And, yes, we need to prepare for all of them.

But there is no energy like the intrigue and anticipation that comes in a Presidential year.

So what can we do about it NOW, months before we even know who our Democratic candidate will be? How can we wade through the doldrums of 2019 to prepare for the main event that will be 2020?

I am sensing feelings of uselessness and helplessness among those who do not want to wait another 15 months to remove Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans from office. They don’t necessarily care who becomes the Democratic nominee. They just want to see the President defeated, the Senate flipped, the House strengthened, the GOP chastened, and America saved.

The good news is that we don’t need to remain in a frustrated holding pattern for another year, anxious to take action but unable to act.

There is something we can do NOW to prepare for the war to come…and that is to register new voters who will help our cause.

Our successes in 2018 (flipping the House, flipping Governorships, flipping State Legislatures, and holding Senate losses to a minimum with a terrible map) stemmed in large part from new voters and voters who usually only participate in Presidential years. And those voters were from demographics friendly to the Democratic party.

Any successes in 2020 will depend on registering similar voters across the country, and particularly in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Georgia, Arizona, North Carolina, and Maine.

So let’s be blunt about the types of voters we need to register:

  • Younger Voters
  • Female Voters
  • Educated Voters
  • African-American Voters
  • Hispanic Voters
  • Asian-American Voters
  • LGBTQ+ Voters

No demographic is a monolith. But research tells us that new voters from the above groups will be more than favorable to the cause.

So what can we do NOW?

First make sure that your like-minded friends and family are properly registered to vote, no matter where they live. The odds are good that if you’re reading this, you’ve already done so.

But what do we do when we’ve run out of new voters in our own respective orbits? 

Help the helpers!

There are several organizations that focus on registering voters, with some specializing in outreach to the demographics that I listed above.

So, at the risk of sounding pushy, I am asking everyone reading this post NOW (yes, that means you) to do something NOW (yes, that means NOW): 

Donate to a voter registration organization. Today. Whether it’s $1, $5, $50, $100, $500 or more, make a contribution.

Put your money where you want our votes to be.

And don’t just make the donation. Speak up! If you share this link (or even if you don’t) tell folks which group(s) you donated to. Let your friends and followers know. Encourage them to do the same. Added bonus: Donations to many (but not all) voter registration groups are tax deductible!

Now I know what you’re wondering: “Who should I donate to?”

Well I’m glad you asked! I just so happen to have a list of options below, complete with names, links, and information. (Note that I have no affiliation with any group listed).

So review the organizations. Research them if you choose.

And then pick one. Or two. Or five. 

Make a donation NOW. Help lay the groundwork this year for victory next year.



Donate Here:

Info: A great one-stop shop for online voter registration.

March For Our Lives –

Donate Here:

Info: The Parkland students channeled their grief into action and made it their mission to register young voters in an effort to combat gun violence. –

Donate Here:

Info: HeadCount focuses on engaging new/younger voters through the music industry, particularly registration events at concerts for popular artists.

Voto Latino –

Donate Here:

Info: For 15 years Voto Latino has focused on registering Hispanic and Latino voters and getting them politically active.

Rock The Vote –

Donate Here:

Info: Rock The Vote has been successfully registering younger voters since its inception in 1990.

League of Women Voters –

Donate Here:

Info: The League of Women Voters is one year shy of its centennial. What better way to celebrate than with the defeat of Donald Trump at the hands of new women voters.

Voter Participation Center –

Donate Here:

Info: The Voter Participation Center seeks to increase voter engagement with the “Rising American Electorate” – Single Women, People of Color, and Millenials.

Movement Voter Project –

Donate Here:

Info: The Movement Voter Project connects donors with hundreds of local organizations that work to register and turnout unlikely younger voters and voters of color in their communities.

Reprinted with permission from DemWritePress

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  1. Highly recommend checking out Field Team Six, too. They’re new, but doing fantastic work registering voters in CA and AZ, and branching out to other states soon…



  2. Just piping up to add that there are a bunch of long-distance ways to get involved in local voter registration. For instance, Postcards to Voters has been writing to people in Florida counties to get them signed up for Vote by Mail. If you know anyone with nice handwriting who loves democracy, they can sign up here:

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