Take Action Tuesday: Amplify Voices


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A government of, by, and for the people. That means in order for our democracy to work, we need to be involved and make our voices be heard. This Take Action Tuesday, we are going to do exactly that — make sure our voices are heard.

Go Vote

If you live in Virginia, today is the day to vote in your statewide primary for the House of Delegates and state Senate. If you live in Alabama, Maine, or Nevada, you may have a local election to vote in. You can find more info HERE.

Amplify Voices

If you don’t have an election today, I have a different action to suggest.

The primary season to determine who will be the Democratic candidate for president is long, but in another sense, time is of the essence. If there are candidates running whose voice you want represented in the debates that are coming up, now is the time to donate to their campaign, even if it is just $5.

Right now, there are 13 candidates who have met both criteria the DNC set out for the first two debates: getting 1% in 3 different (approved) polls, and 65,000 unique donors (with at least 200 from 20 states). There are another 7 spots open in the first two debates.

So whose points of view do you want to hear from at the debates? Who has an interesting policy or stance on an issue that you’d like to see represented on stage? Help them out by getting them on that stage. Robust discussion is what our country was founded on, and where, I think, some of the best ideas can spring forward from. These voices might get crowded out if they don’t hit the donor thresholds.

The thresholds get even higher starting with the 3rd debate, scheduled for September. To qualify for that debate, candidates need to reach at least 2% in 3 different polls and have support from at least 130,000 donors.

It’s fine to wait to make a final decision as to who you want to support until later, but you may not get the chance to support them at all if they don’t hit the debate stages and lose all that attention.

I have many of the candidates’ campaign websites linked HERE (once you click on their name, scroll to the bottom of the post for the campaign announcement video and link to their campaign website.)

Thanks for taking action!

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