Sunday Reading: Digging Deeper


This week I am sharing three articles that delve into their topics a bit more substantially than we see in our social media feeds. In order to solve problems, we need to understand them better.

Why Mueller Must Testify

Bob Mueller clearly hoped that his one televised press conference would suffice. Clearly, it will not. The left has many questions for him and the right continues to attack him. This article at The Bulwark makes the case as to why Mueller must testify, and also why it can’t be anyone else.

A Weakening Economy May Be the Biggest Threat to Donald Trump

Conventional wisdom says a president seeking re-election during a great economy will win. Yet Trump keeps taking steps that weaken it. This New Yorker article looks into where we are today with the economy and some of the signs that are appearing just over the horizon.

How many Americans live on $2 a day? The biggest debate in poverty research, explained.

With the news last month that the Trump administration was seeking to change the formula to define poverty (so it doesn’t “look” so bad), I realized I really needed to learn more about the issues around poverty. This article at Vox was very informative.

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