Take Action Tuesday: Building the 2020 Vote


Let’s get people to the ballot box!

It’s way too early to think about voting in the 2020 elections, right?

If you’re passionate about getting this country on the right track, then no, it’s not too early to think about increasing turnout and securing our elections.

The time to help people get their IDs to vote, to help your state get every federal dollar possible to upgrade their voting systems and security, to increase voter participation is now. These actions take people like you and me making calls, sending emails, and inspiring others to help us.

To help us with concrete actions that can make a difference, enter the good folks at Americans of Conscience Checklist! Readers of my blog know I’m a big fan of the helpful, no-hype checklist, and I was beyond thrilled when their founder told me that they were focusing all their actions in the month of June on voting issues.

Each of the actions is well-researched and comes with links if you want to get more background, followed by details as to what you can do. If it entails a call, they’ll give you a script. Each action also comes with a handy graphic which is very sharable. Here’s an example:


You can find the entire month’s worth of actions HERE. For those of you who like to mark off when you finish a task, the checklist also comes with, yes, an actual checklist that you can click on.

I encourage you to bookmark their voting actions checklist and share it across your social network. Securing the 2020 election is critically important, and the time to secure it is now.

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  1. Thank you so much for this incredible write-up of our June project. We at Americans of Conscience Checklist so appreciate collaboration–that’s how democracy works best!

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