Sunday Reading: Tackling Big Issues


All week I kept finding so many articles that I wanted to share with you in this Sunday roundup. I narrowed it down to four really, really good ones. Some are short and some are longer, but they all do a really good job of tackling some of the biggest issues of the day: impeachment, misinformation, conservative judges, and gun culture.

What is Nancy Pelosi Thinking?

I’ve followed Amee Vanderpool’s witty and sometimes biting commentary on Twitter for some time. She has just started a new newsletter, Shero and a Scholar, to discuss legal, political, and social issues. This excellent article dives into the current divide of how the Democrats are tackling impeachment. It is essentially the post I wanted to write. Highly recommend.

A cognitive scientist explains why humans are so susceptible to fake news and misinformation

With so much misinformation floating around on social media and elsewhere, we all need to get much better at spotting it. As this article at NiemanLab points out, first we need to understand why our brains work the way they do. This is easy to read, and concludes with three specific tips we can all use in the months ahead.

Structural Reforms to the Federal Judiciary

This report by the Center for American Progress looks at the federal judiciary and the growing problem of Republicans packing the courts with ideological conservatives. Instead of debating if we should reform the courts, this report digs into the relative merits of the various proposals. Very in-depth, this might be a good one to bookmark.

No, the Gun Culture Won’t Always Win

This is a welcome article from The Atlantic following yet another horrific mass shooting. There are signs that America’s gun culture is changing, so don’t lose all hope.

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