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If you’re aware that transgender citizens are under attack by the Trump administration but are unsure how you can help them, this call to action is for you.

The Transgender Law Center has raised the alarm that the Department of Health and Human Services is proposing a regulation that would allow health care providers and insurers to legally discriminate against transgender people. They need your voice to help combat this dangerous rule.

But first, to point out just how dangerous our country has become for our transgender neighbors, here are a number of steps that Donald Trump, Mike Pence and their administration have taken to attack that community. This list was initially compiled by Charlotte Clymer, Press Secretary for the Human Rights Campaign, on Twitter. Here is the first tweet in her thread:

The points she outlines:

  • They’ve ordered the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to stop using the word transgender in official reports. Source
  • They’ve told the Department of Education to reject civil rights complaints by transgender students. Source
  • They’ve banned transgender citizens from serving in the military. Source
  • They’ve proposed allowing federally-funded shelters to turn away transgender people living on the streets. Source

And now to make matters worse, the administration is instructing the Department of Health and Human Services to allow discrimination as transgender people access healthcare. We all know that being able to access healthcare can literally be a life or death situation. It is unconscionable that this administration is trying to cut off this community from what many of us believe is a basic human right.

Here’s what you can do.

The Transgender Law Group needs as many people as possible to protest this proposed HHS rule but submitting a public comment. You can do so at THIS LINK. This will only take a couple of minutes of your time, but will mean a lot to the transgender community. They need a large collection of voices to push back on this rule.

The link above, the Transgender Law Group has provided tips on how to write a comment, some statistics you can use in your comment, and information on what regulations are and why comments are so critical to the process.

Please, take a few moments this Tuesday and take action. Thank you.

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