Sunday Reading: The Abortion Debate, Iran, & the Media


Sunday is the day that I like to spend more time offline and get more reading done. In that vein, each Sunday I post a handful of articles from the previous week that I found interesting. Here are a few I want to share with you.

The Watergate Editor on How Trump “Leads the Press Around by the Nose”

Woodward and Bernstein, of the Washington Post’s Watergate story, had an editor who guided the two of them. His name is Barry Sussman. The New Republic has this riveting discussion with Sussman about what he sees as the media tries to cover Trump, noting the similarities and differences from the Nixon story.

Will Iran and Saudi Arabia Go to War?

As our administration sends out mixed signals about our intentions regarding Iran, it’s important to consider that going to war with Iran is not in U.S. interests at all. But there are countries that do want a war with Iran, Saudi Arabia being one of them. This is a very readable discussion from Carnegie Europe on that conflict that offers a lot of insight for us here.

Religious Women are Having the Most Abortions

Amee Vanderpool, of the Inanna Project, has started a newsletter to cover women’s rights and politics, among other topics. This recent post covers an aspect of reproductive rights that I haven’t seen elsewhere, with interesting statistics to boot.

The Harm Done For White Men: The new attacks on Roe v. Wade are about protecting men, not women

Jamil Smith for Rolling Stone writes about the abortion debate from another view that I feel we’re only just now seeing more of. That is: “The fight to keep women from getting abortions is really about reinforcing a belief that white men should maintain dominion over this country and the people in it.”

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