Election 2020: Get Out Your Calendars

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If you’re a Political⚡Charge reader, then you probably want to know what the critical dates are for the 2020 election. If you think writing this post in May of 2019 is crazy talk, well then, this post is for you. The first critical dates happens NEXT MONTH.

That’s right. The first dates to put in your calendar are the 6 Democratic primary debates that are happening this year. Note: The first two debates have been scheduled as follows, the remaining debates happen once a month in September, October, November and December–those exact dates have not been announced yet.

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Debate information courtesy The New York Times

Who has qualified for the debates? HuffPost has the latest rundown, divided by those candidates who have qualified by hitting both the donor and poll thresholds, and those who qualify for the debate stage due to achieving one of those thresholds. That list is HERE.

If you’ve read this far, then you’re like me and want all the info. Well, The New York Times also pulled together the full primary/caucus election calendar as well, which you can see HERE. I’ll just post the first month here, as some of the states that are later in the calendar are in the midst of potentially shifting their election dates.

Here’s February 2020:

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Although the election itself isn’t for another 17 months, the debates and early primary states will shape the conversation about who will be our Democratic nominee, so it is good to be engaged, and whenever possible, inform others about these dates.

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