Taking Action is the Antidote


At a time when the clash of Congress with the White House, and the 2020 presidential race is taking up a lot of the news, it may feel like there isn’t much we can do. If you’re feeling like the biggest stories are out of your hands–since the congressional fight is likely to end up in the courts and the first primary race isn’t until next year–you might be feeling anxious.

I know I am. But since this entire thing started, I have only known one thing that helps me manage the anxiety and worry, and that is taking action. Replacing the time I spend worrying with taking action. And for that, I have to say that one of my longtime go-to sources is the Americans of Conscience Checklist.

Once a week, this dedicated group of volunteers puts together a list of actions we can take to help our country take the shape we want it to be. And as a community, they get a lot done. Take for example, this week’s checklist, they announced over $4,000 in donations they raised for Spread the Vote, an organization that helps citizens acquire an official ID, and donated over 170 books to the Prison Book Program.

In addition to the weekly actions, the checklist includes a few “acts of gratitude” where readers send thanks to people who have taken actions that are in line with their values, and a “good news” section which lists the many good things that happen in the country that fly under the radar. Both inject some positivity at a time when so much feels negative.

You can see each week’s checklist by going directly to their website, and if you want to get the checklist each week, you can subscribe. They also have a pretty active Facebook page.

Action is the antidote to worry. It really is.

Take Charge of your Activism

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  1. I also really like Postcards to Voters. They have two campaigns up right now to try to flip seats in rural Pennsylvania. There’s special election on May 21st, so fingers crossed! Write with us. You can get more info at their site: postcardstovoters.org

    • Yes, Postcards to Voters is another great way to take action. I’ve written about them before, and have started to incorporate their campaigns in my monthly elections calendar.

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