Sunday Reading: 3 Articles of Interest

Sunday is the day that I like to spend more time offline and more time reading. In that vein, each Sunday I post a handful of articles from the previous week that I found interesting. Here are three I want to share with you.

Conservatives Have a Different Definition of ‘Fair’

What a liberal and a conservative thinks is “fair” appears to be very different. Whether or not you agree that one is better than the other, it is good to keep in mind when speaking to people who aren’t in the same place on the political spectrum as you. I found this quite eye-opening.

The Meme Terrorists

This article looks at the cyclical nature of online disinformation and the violence we’ve been subjected to. It also asks the question of what we should do when we can’t give up being online altogether even though we know the internet is crawling with bad information.

2018 voter turnout rose dramatically for groups favoring Democrats, census confirms

Brookings is out with an analysis of voter turnout for the 2018 midterms. Various groups favoring the Democrats did really well–now we have the specific data. Looking at you, young people, Hispanic voters, and white folks with a college degree!

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