The Barr Hearing: What Happened


Attorney General William (Bill) Barr

No matter how you slice it, yesterday’s hearing was a barn burner. Attorney General Bill Barr was questioned by the Senate Judiciary Committee about the Mueller report–a report where clearly Barr and Mueller don’t agree on what the findings mean.

Here are 3 moments from the Barr hearing, courtesy of three of our Democratic presidential candidates, doing what they do so well:

From Kamala Harris:

From Cory Booker:

From Amy Klobuchar:


And here are two articles I can recommend that review what happened in yesterday’s testimony:

From Vox: 5 takeaways from Attorney General Bill Barr’s Mueller report testimony

From Mother JonesBill Barr’s Testimony Was Deeply Misleading. Here Are His Most Brazen Statements.

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