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Every week I like to share a few articles that I find interesting. So often during the week, I don’t have much time to delve into a topic and instead just take in the main points and then move on to the next story. But I gain so much from reading longer pieces that show me another point of view, or bring clarity to a subject. Here are 3 articles that I want to share with you today. Enjoy.

We’re not hearing enough from 2020 candidates about things they’d be able to do as president

As someone who wants to hear the policy positions of the many candidates running for president, I thought this article made a very cogent point. That is, passing legislation is something all the candidates talk about, but it is the jurisdiction of Congress–the president doesn’t have a big role in the process. What we’re not hearing is how they’d handle the situations that are uniquely the role of the president. It’s an interesting read.

Notes on the Mueller Report: A Reading Diary

Benjamin Wittes from LawFare has been digging into the Mueller report and writing short “diary” entries for each section. As we get to know the report better, it really does paint a damning picture. Just as an example of what he’s compiling here, check out section F, The Presidents Efforts to Curtail the Special Counsel Investigation.

The NRA’s Annual Meeting Has Descended Into Infighting and Chaos

Honestly, I’m posting this only because it gives me great pleasure to see that this sham of a nonprofit, whose lobbying has crippled our country’s ability to fight the scourge of guns in the wrong hands, is collapsing before our very eyes. And this article doesn’t even mention that the attorney general of New York has opened an investigation into their finances and nonprofit status.

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  1. I appreciate your blog so much! Thank you for investing your energy in finding substantive articles, helping us stay (or get) focused, and sometimes even laughing.

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