The Stuff of Nightmares


The Republicans staying in power. That’s the stuff of nightmares.

The Atlantic published an article yesterday, Trump’s Second Term, that really got folks talking. It paints a bleak picture of what would and could happen if he does remain in power another four years. Leaving the impeachment discussion aside for a moment, the fact remains that most incumbent presidents win a second term. And if the voters vote Trump back in office, the statisticians predict that the Senate stays with the GOP, too.

I am not willing to stand by and let that happen. Are you?

The presidential election gets all the media attention, but we cannot just focus there and have it be enough. Each of us needs to do what we can to turn out voters in every town, every district, every city, every county. If voters are excited by the presidential nominee, great. But if they’re also excited by the Senate nominee, and the nominee for the House seat, and for governor, and the state legislature, and … you get the point.

> Be aware of the elections happening in your state prior to 2020 (here’s the list of elections in April and May this year). Here’s how to help with elections even if they’re not local to you.

> Be involved with your local or county or state political groups. Go to their events, help with voter registration drives, get to know others in your community, be involved.

> When you can, donate. Donate to the candidates that excite you or to organizations working to elect Democrats or activating voters.

Getting involved today helps in so many ways. Let’s not allow the nightmare to continue. Whether or not Trump gets impeached and convicted, we still have to contend with Republicans in power. And they have shown themselves to be unworthy of leading our democracy. They need to get out. We can show them the door with our votes.


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  1. Hi, Thanks for your work. One small correction: it’s Postcards TO Voters, not FOR. Speaking of PtV, are you in touch with Tony? I’m especially interested in Attorneys General elections and would like to know about ones coming up that we could support via PtV. But we need more advance warning so that we can research and communicate with campaigns. Any way you can help with that?


    Kathy (Rawle)

    Sent from my iPhone so please forgive the typos and weird autocorrects if I don’t catch them.


    • Thanks for writing. Where did you see the “for” instead of “to”? I’d like to correct it, but don’t know where you saw that.

      I am in contact with Tony and happy to pass along your interest in Attorney General races.

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