9 Questions to Ask About the Mueller Report

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Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III

I doubt that anyone will pay attention to much else besides the Mueller report today, so let’s dig into it.

In cases like this one, I find it enormously useful to think ahead of time about the questions you want answered and then see if the report (or the portion of the report we see) answers those questions. If so, great. If not, then the Department of Justice and Attorney General Bill Barr need to supply the answers.

Here are some key questions I’ve pulled from a variety of sources:

How much of the report is redacted?

Did Mueller conclude there was no collusion — or just that he couldn’t bring a charge?

What, if any, interaction did President Donald Trump’s campaign have with Russians involved in election interference? 

What did Mueller learn about the Russian election influence campaign?

What did Mueller find out about obstruction of justice?

Are there any new (i.e. unreported) allegations on collusion and obstruction in the report?

Why didn’t Mueller make a decision on obstruction of justice?

Did Mueller determine whether any sitting president can be indicted?

Did Barr twist the meaning of the report in his letter to Congress?


Sources/Additional reading:

PBS News Hour: What to look for in the Mueller report

Boston Globe: 5 things to look for in the Mueller report when it’s released on Thursday

Vox: 4 key things to look for in the Mueller report once it’s released

HuffPost: Here’s What To Look For In The Mueller Report

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