Want to End Gerrymandering? Time to Sharpen Your Skills.


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Do you want to be able to inspire people to help you with an issue that you deeply care about? If so, learning how to communicate effectively is a must.

On the issue of gerrymandering and redistricting, I have a great resource for you to do just that. I’ve been a fan of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee for a while now. Supported by President Obama and led by his former Attorney General Eric Holder, the NDRC is focused on dismantling the heavily gerrymandered maps in multiple states. They do that through legal action and key state-level elections.

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Well, I just learned that they now have a special campaign called All On The Line to help train grassroots organizers. Part of that effort is a series of online webinars that any of us can take!

The next one is happening in just a few days on April 18 and you can read the summary of the training and register to join HERE. Along with learning more about what can be done to undo the extreme Republican gerrymandering of this past decade, the training involves learning how to tell your own story to great effect.

I hope you’ll look into these trainings. I’m signed up for this next one and eager to see what else they offer. It seems these are skills that can be used for any issue!

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