New North Carolina 9th District Election: The Last Midterms Race


It’s true–there is still one last race from the midterms to finish up.

The North Carolina 9th district still doesn’t have a Rep in Congress. On Election Night, the race was too close to call and then the hints of a serious scandal started to emerge.

The process took excruciatingly long, but ultimately the North Carolina elections board determined that the Republican campaign had engaged in a sophisticated absentee ballot fraud scheme and ordered a new election. If you haven’t followed the story, it is truly crazy–I mean the Republican candidate’s son testified against his own father–and you can catch up on the whole story HERE.

Once the elections board decided to call a new election, the Democrat, Dan McCready, announced he would run again. He is not being challenged by another Democrat which puts him in a strong position. Meanwhile, upwards of 10 Republicans are vying for the Republican spot.

The primary is set for May 14 and the general election will be on September 10.

Earlier this week, McCready announced that he had raised an eye-popping $1.6M in the first quarter of the year. This is great news, but let’s all remember that this is one of the most competitive districts in the country. He’s going to need our help to win.

How you can help McCready win

First off, sign up to get campaign updates. Here’s his campaign website: Dan McCready

If you are near the district: 15 Ways to Help a Campaign Win Their Election

If you aren’t local: 9 Ways to Help a Campaign From Afar

Let’s go win this seat!

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