Sunday Reading: 3 articles that caught my eye


Most of the posts I write focus on elections, voting rights, and how our government works. However, every week I read interesting articles that don’t make it into posts but that I still want to share. Here are three from last week. Enjoy.

Want to Know How Your Local Jail Operates? Sorry, That May Be a Trade Secret.

This is a story of how one person’s business secrets trump the safety and accountability of jails. Disturbingly, a lot of jails across the county were designed by this same guy. Mother Jones looks at the unsettling reality that we don’t know what is going on inside these jails, often to devastating consequences.

The Democratic debate over filibuster reform, explained

As someone who likes to write explainers, I really appreciate others that write them, too. I’ve followed Vox’s explainers for a while now. They do better than most at explaining topics that are currently in the news. This is one of their latest, and looks at the simmering argument about whether or not getting rid of the filibuster in the Senate is a good idea.

Ernest ‘Fritz’ Hollings, South Carolina senator and WWII veteran, has died

In this day and age, when our politics seem so far away from the norm, I find myself drawn to these portraits of former statesmen. This obituary from Roll Call about Ernest Hollings, a longtime public servant from South Carolina, is worth the read.

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