Who’s Ready for Some Good News?


As important as it is to stay informed about what’s going on, I recognize the news can be fairly negative. There’s always something that needs our attention and advocacy. So, as a change of pace, here’s a post about some of the good things that have been happening in the world of politics.

✦ The Democrats flipped a state Senate seat in Pennsylvania last night. Congratulations to Pam Iovino!

✦ Chicago elected its first African-American female mayor last night. Congratulations to Lori Lightfoot!

✦ The Democrats flipped the mayor’s seat in Green Bay, Wisconsin. A Republican had been mayor for 16 years prior to this election. Congratulations Eric Genrich!

✦ The ban on bump stocks — the gun modification that was used in the Las Vegas shooting — took effect last Tuesday. They are now illegal in the United States.

✦ A federal judge has blocked both Kentucky and Alaska from requiring people on Medicaid to work. “The court reaffirmed the rights of financially insecure individuals to access health care.”

✦ A federal judge has overruled the Trump administration and restored the drilling ban in the National Arctic Wildlife Refuge.

✦ Not only did Trump back off of cutting the Special Olympics from his budget, but lawmakers are now considering an increase in their funding. Also, private fundraising appears to have surged for the organization.

✦ Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has instituted a ban on asking any salary history questions for people applying to work for the city.

✦ Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers pulled his National Guard troops from the souther border, stating that there was no justification for their presence there.

✦ A second federal judge issued a court order to block the Trump administration’s plans to include a citizenship question on the 2020 census.

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