Sunday Reading: What Caught My Eye This Week


Although a lot of the news this week focused on the Barr letter/Mueller report, and one of today’s recommendations is on that topic, I read some other thought-provoking articles, too. Enjoy.

The Missing Piece of the Mueller Investigation

Most of the discussion since Attorney General William Barr wrote his letter “summarizing” the Mueller report has focused on the President’s involvement with Russia and whether or not he obstructed justice. This piece by Just Security reminds us that Mueller was also hired to conduct a counterintelligence investigation and asks, where are those findings?

Accurate election results are worth waiting for

This piece in The Baltimore Sun posits a great question: Shouldn’t we wait until the full results from an election are known before reporting them out to the public? Then they make a suggestion for 2020.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a fan of a geeky economic theory called MMT: Here’s a plain-English guide to what it is and why it’s interesting

The Business Insider does a good job explaining Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) which is an economic theory that keeps cropping up in articles. MMT is why some folks on the left aren’t that concerned about deficits or how they will pay for big societal projects like funding education, healthcare, etc. There is also a helpful video at the end of the article that explains MMT as well.

Take Charge of your Activism

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