Elections in April 2019


If it’s a Tuesday, there is an excellent chance that an election is happening somewhere in the country. So far in 2019, we’ve seen that enthusiasm for turning out to vote isn’t where it should be. I encourage you to help promote these elections wherever you can.

So far in April, there are 29 elections scheduled. If one of these is in your district, make sure you vote! For everyone else, please share this with your network to spread the word in order to increase awareness and turnout!

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Click on highlighted text to learn the specifics about that election. If no text is highlighted, go to your state’s election website (lookup HERE) to learn more. 

April 2 (Tu)

Alaska Anchorage city elections

Colorado Colorado Springs city elections

Illinois Chicago city elections – runoff

Maine State HOUSE District 52 – special

Mississippi State HOUSE District 101 – runoff

Missouri Kansas City city elections – primary

Missouri St. Louis city elections

Nevada Las Vegas & Henderson & North Las Vegas city elections – primaries

Oklahoma Oklahoma City city elections & many, many school board elections

Pennsylvania State SENATE District 37 – special

Wisconsin Supreme Court election & State ASSEMBLY District 64 – primary

April 9 (Tu)

California Alameda and Vernon city elections

Florida State HOUSE District 7 – special

Florida State HOUSE District 38 – special

Florida State HOUSE District 97 – special

Georgia State HOUSE District 28 – special

Nebraska Lincoln city election – primary

April 13 (Sat)

Hawaii Honolulu city election – special

April 16 (Tu)

Connecticut State HOUSE District 19 – special

Georgia Atlanta city election – runoff

April 23 (Tu)

Florida Tampcity election – runoff

South Carolina State HOUSE District 14 – special

Tennessee State SENATE District 22 – special

April 30 (Tu)

Wisconsin State ASSEMBLY District 64 – special/general

Note: I keep a lookout for any state and federal level elections and list them all in these monthly post, but I could use your help to find any local elections. If your city or county has an election and you want me to add it to my monthly roundup post, write me a comment and I’ll add it to the appropriate post. Thank you!

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