Sunday Reading: What Caught My Eye This Week

There was a lot of news this week, both serious and silly (Devin Nunes’ cow, anyone?), and I kept reading really insightful articles about our current state of politics. Here are three that I think you will find thought-provoking. Enjoy.

How to Understand the End of the Mueller Investigation (Hint: You Can’t Yet)

The smart folks at LawFare wrote this primer which not only reminds us of what Robert Mueller was asked to look into regarding Russia’s interference into the 2016 election, but also gives us non-legal folks some good info to understand various ways that criminal investigations like this one “end.” Also, they remind us that it was remarkable and fortuitous that Mueller was able to conduct the probe without interference.

Why the Fight About the Electoral College Is About More Than the Electoral College

Many of the Democratic candidates have been talking about the Electoral College of late. This piece at Cook Political Report sees this discussion as a sign that there is a widening distrust of our institutions, and sounds the alarm about where this conversation can lead.

Nobody Knows Anything About ‘Electability’

The author of this piece in The Atlantic points out that anyone predicting that some candidates are more “electable” than the others are basing that on bad assumptions. He gives several examples. His prescription had me cheering, which is that the media should stop talking about who is most likely to win the presidency, and instead talk about the candidates in terms of what they’d do if they won. (It also gives me more validation to keep working on my 7 issues guides.)

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