Sunday Reading: What Caught My Eye This Week


This week I kept seeing articles that were broadly looking into the 2020 presidential election. They all acknowledge how early in the cycle it is, but nevertheless they made for interesting reading. Enjoy!

Democrats Care More About Winning Than Usual
FiveThirtyEight looks into some recent polling that asks the question of electability vs. values.

Democratic Voters Want “Electability,” But That Doesn’t Mean They Want A Centrist For President
Buzzfeed News digs into the word electability and what it means to voters attending a variety of 2020 Democratic candidate events.

The 2020 Path Democrats Shouldn’t Take
The founder of Cook Political Report writes a piece about the knowns and unknowns about the 2020 presidential election.

Everyone is underestimating Trump. It could hurt Democrats and Republicans alike.
This opinion piece in the Washington Post notes how often political decision-making in recent years has been really wrong. The author looks into various data points and essentially says that Trump has a 50-50 chance of winning the 2020 election. He ends the post with some cautionary notes for both parties.

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