Sunday Reading: What Caught My Eye This Week

It’s easy to miss great articles when we’re so busy. Here are some of the pieces that I found intriguing this week, or ended up thinking about long after I read it. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy.

Major Study Finds The US Is An Oligarchy

This short piece summarizes a study that concluded that the US government does not reflect the interests of its regular citizens, but instead those of the rich and powerful. It’s sobering, to be sure.

Why Democrats shouldn’t worry about a large field of presidential contenders

This article from Brookings is a good explainer about how the primaries work, and what is and isn’t different from 2016. Not having a frontrunner in March 2019 is nothing to be concerned about.

Are Robots Competing For Your Job?

Economic inequality is a key issue for Americans, as evidenced by multiple surveys of midterm voters. Job security is a big part of that. This New Yorker article delves into the concern over automation. A fascinating read.

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