The National “Emergency”: Time to Take Action

The US Capitol Building

The United States Capitol Building, the seat of Congress, on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

Elections matter. Specifically, the 2018 midterms were really, really important.

What Happened?

Last night, Speaker Pelosi made the House members vote on a resolution to block Trump’s national “emergency.” It passed 245-182, with 13 Republicans voting Yes with the Democrats.

You can see how your Rep voted at this link.

Now, because of the way that the National Emergencies Act is written, the Senate HAS to vote on the resolution that passed the House within the next month. There is nothing Mitch McConnell can do to bypass a vote.

The Republicans have to choose to either stand up for the Constitution, and the “power of the purse” that is enshrined in the separation of powers, or hand over that power to please Trump. Never mind their left-leaning constituents: This is an issue that divides the right-leaning voters. Which is why the Senators are so uneasy about this vote.

Politico has a great interactive of statements Republican Senators have made so far about the national emergency, in an attempt to determine how they might vote on this resolution. You can find that HERE.

Take Action

It isn’t enough that this fake emergency is also going to be tested in the courts. Each of us must take action. Today, take a few minutes to either call or email your two Senators to tell them you want them to vote for the resolution to block Trump’s emergency declaration.

Remember these tips:
✦ Start the call by telling them you are a constituent
✦ Briefly tell them what you are calling about
✦ Tell them what action you want the Senator to take

Whether you oppose the border wall, or want to maintain a strong separation of powers, or another reason why you oppose the emergency, your Senator needs to know how their voters feel on the issue. Getting an avalanche of phone calls and emails gets noticed. Every contact we make makes a difference.

Once you’ve contacted your Senator, let your networks on social media know, too. Talking about the action you’ve taken could very well inspire someone else to do the same. Thank you for taking action!

Take Charge of your Activism

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  1. Your article says we want MOC to vote NO on the resolution to ban trump’s emergency, That must be an error. We DO want to ban trump’s emergency declaration.

    • Thank you for writing. I edited the post to better reflect my meaning.

      • Thank you for responding. I am sharing each of your 7 Issues candidate profiles with a private online group I belong to, as well as my own time line. I think they are an excellent tool to help us compare candidates on the same criteria. We can add issues and other categories we think are important as needed. Thank you!

      • Thanks for sharing the guides.

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