It Was a Good Week for Voting Rights


At a time when the Republicans seem to be doing everything they can to limit voting, it is critical that we push to expand voting rights. The place where the most progress is happening is at the state level. Keep in mind for every one of these news items, there were citizens and legislators working together to make it happen.

New Mexico

The good news out of New Mexico is that they just passed an Automatic Voter Registration bill in the state House! Next step is for the bill to go to the state Senate. Do you live in NM? Call your state senator! (Look them up HERE.)

North Carolina

A state court struck down two constitutional amendments, one of which was the new Voter ID requirement. Essentially, the court said that because the legislature had been elected by an unconstitutional racial gerrymander, it had “lost its claim to popular sovereignty.” In other words, the court decided that the legislature didn’t have the power to put amendments on the ballot.

North Carolina, Part 2

Oh! And I have to include that the North Carolina elections board declared that due to the obvious election fraud that Republican Mark Harris and his campaign engaged in, that the 9th District should have a new election. Which means that the last election of the midterms, and one last flip for the Democrats, is in our hands. Follow Democrat Dan McCready and donate/volunteer if you can so he can win!


Last week, Michigan voters gained the right to get an absentee ballot without an “excuse.” Previously, you had to have a reason why you needed one–like proving you’d be out of the state on a trip, or had a disability that prevented you from going to the polls, etc. Now voters can simply request a mail-in ballot, and get one. Yes!


The state Senate passed a bill to create a one-week period of early voting for elections. (The state House had already passed it.) They were one of the very few states that had no early voting available for their voters.

Let’s hear it for good news!

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  1. So it passed both Republican houses in Virginia? I have to admit to being surprised, but a delighted surprise!

    • Yup! And the governor has said he’ll sign it. The only downside is that it won’t go into effect until 2020 and therefore miss the state legislative elections this fall.


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