A Possible Challenger to McConnell?

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How much would you like to see Mitch McConnell lose his re-election in 2020?

I’m not sure how to measure my desire to see that happen. Any reader of PoliticalCharge knows that I think McConnell is a grave danger to our democracy. I cannot stress how much I’d like to see him to be kicked out of Congress.

So, it thrilled me to see several articles circulating last night that Senator Chuck Schumer (D) is recruiting Amy McGrath to challenge McConnell. McGrath took on an incumbent Republican in a fairly red district (R+9) in Kentucky and got really, really close to winning. The incumbent only won with 51% of the vote.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I think that kicking out McConnell is likely one of the hardest tasks out there. Kentucky is pretty conservative and Trump is still above water there (he currently has a 55% approval rating there.) But that doesn’t mean McConnell shouldn’t be challenged. And he should be challenged by a Democrat who has broad appeal in Kentucky, which I think McGrath brings to the table.

As a reminder, she got into the midterms race with one of the best announcement videos of that campaign cycle:

For more details about Schumer recruiting McGrath, and how that race is likely to develop, read Schumer recruits famed fighter pilot to challenge McConnell in 2020.

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6 replies

  1. Omg! Where can I sign up to help her campaign!!!

  2. are you aware that some of the advertising that comes with your mailing is pro trump and or actual scams?

    • Thank you for writing. I’ve been made aware that when I write a post that includes the names of Republicans, those words can fuel exactly the wrong ads for my blog. (I don’t personally choose any ads.) That said, I am looking at other options where I might be able to have some control over the ad content so this doesn’t happen anymore.

  3. Last I heard, back during the last shutdown, Kentuckians were getting pretty fed up with McConnell, and depending on what happens these next 21 months, he may well get the boot! He’s like mouldy old cheese and well past his prime … it’s time for him to GO! Short of that, I will settle for him becoming the Senate Minority Leader.

    • It is true that McConnell is deeply unpopular and that his approval has fallen even in Kentucky. However, Trump won the state by 30 points. It’s an uphill climb for a Democrat, at best.

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