Sunday Reading: What Caught My Eye This Week 2/3


There’s nothing like a cup of coffee while you read some great articles by smart, knowledgable people. This Sunday morning, I want to share three pieces that really stood out to me as I think you’ll find them interesting, too. Enjoy!

The Fight Over Identity Politics
In her article in Foreign Affairs, Stacey Abrams looks directly into the long simmering argument in Democratic circles as to whether or not identity politics should be embraced or set aside in favor of courting working class voters. Particularly as she has been chosen to give the Democratic party’s response to Trump’s State of the Union address (coming up on Tuesday), you should read what she has to say–it’s an important piece, it’ll likely frame what she says on Tuesday, and it’s interesting to know that this is the direction the party seems to be taking.

Shutdown, health care, budget: How moderate House Democrats will influence the party
64% of the flipped seats in Congress this past midterm went to moderate Democrats, often called the Blue Dogs. This McClatchy article takes a look at who they are as a group, and an influential coalition in the 116th Congress. Whatever you thought Blue Dogs were, they aren’t that today.

Howard Schultz Might Reelect Trump Because He Doesn’t Understand How Politics Works
This article from the NY Intelligencer is less about Howard Schultz and more a look into they myth of Independent voters. We often think of them as the centrists who could find themselves in either party, depending on the candidate, but that’s not what research says they are. Beyond the coffee jokes, a spoiler candidate is bad news.

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  1. Fascinating McClatchy article! I had no idea how coalitions worked… I wonder why they didn’t change their name if the former Blue Dogs had quite different idealogies and special interests…? I was at the swearing in ceremony yesterday for my US House Rep, who is a Democrat. He won 60/40. While I very much support most of his platform, 40% of the people in my district have other ideas. I hope to influence more of the advocacy groups in my area to have more dialog with that 40%, because I do find that a percentage of them (was it 10… 15… 20% of our district) vote Republican because they don’t have accurate information about issues. Education instead of alienation, otherwise it just keeps things polarized.

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