Republicans Just Attacked the Democrats’ Push to Strengthen Our Democracy


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You know that thing that you’re never supposed to say out loud? Well, Mitch McConnell said it.

Shortly after the Democrats won the majority in the House, they announced that the first piece of legislation that they were going to unveil was one that would expand voter access and tackle government corruption. In short, a bill that would make our democracy stronger.

Strengthening our democracy, the foundation of our country, shouldn’t be partisan. But McConnell attacked it, and it’s on video.

What Happened?

On Tuesday, with the government shutdown finally over, the Democrats got to work in the House. The House Judiciary Committee started to have hearings on House Resolution 1 (aka HR1), which has been named “For the People Act.” This legislation aims to strengthen democracy and crack down on corruption. It includes:

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The incredible advantage the Democrats have by being in the majority at the House, is that Democrats are the Chairs of the various committees, and can dictate what hearings to call. The hearings started in earnest this week, which means we suddenly have a lot of video that is making the rounds on social media and the news. Here’s a taste of what’s coming out:

The hearings are already revealing the extent of voter suppression across the country (for starters), and more hearings are coming. A large majority of Americans approve of many of the measures that the Democrats want to put in place with HR1.

Can the Republicans stand by while the Democrats make the case? No. Of course not.

McConnell made a speech from the Senate floor to rip apart what the Democrats are proposing with HR1. Yes, even though he’s in the Senate, and this is legislation being discussed in the House, he had to make sure he signalled what the Republican position was. This headline sums up what he said: Mitch McConnell Admits That Republicans Lose When More People Vote

Eric Holder, Obama’s former Attorney General, explained the two positions perfectly: “Democrats want THE PEOPLE to decide who serves in government. Republicans favor special interests & want to make it harder for you to vote.”

What you can do

The House will continue to hold hearings. I encourage you to share clips of those hearings on social media as well as any articles that come out detailing how strong the Democrats’ argument is for why we need this legislation.

Make sure you contact your House Representative (look them up HERE) and let them know that you are in favor of HR1 and encourage them to speak up about it. If your Rep is a Republican, they need to know that they have a lot of voters who support the legislation. If your Rep is a Democrat, it’s still important to let them know where you stand as it makes them more likely to get loud on the subject.

Expanding voting rights is that important. Let’s get this bill passed and then put massive pressure on the Senate.

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