Sunday Reading: What Caught My Eye This Week


I enjoy pulling away from the landslide of breaking news and taking the time to understand more about issues affecting our democracy and government. This week, I found these three articles interesting, and wanted to share them with you.

How Republicans turned voter suppression into a high art
Vox interviewed Carol Anderson, a historian at Emory University, on her newest book One Person, No Vote. She touches on the various moments in the onslaught of voter suppression, from Mississippi in 1890, the Voting Rights Act, and the reduction of polling locations in strategic locations in recent elections.

How the IRS Was Gutted 
Long before we heard about the troubles that the government shutdown was causing the IRS, the agency had already become a shell of its former self. Eight years after the Republicans took aim at the agency, the IRS’s ability to collect what it was due was severely diminished, which of course best served big corporations and the wealthy. This is a deep, but very readable, dive into the IRS’s decline from ProPublica.

Finally, a Female Presidential Candidate Likable Enough for Men
A letter from a presidential candidate. A short piece of satire from the New Yorker. Will likely make you laugh. Or cry.

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