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Is it possible to be excited about a big change? Spread the Vote, a voting rights organization I’m a big fan of, announced some big changes recently and instead of being concerned, I found I was pretty jazzed.

Voting rights is a big topic here at Political⚡Charge, and so I’ve been following Spread the Vote’s work for a while. Some of my longtime readers will remember my interview with Christina Sanders, who at the time was the Texas State Director of Spread the Vote.

At the end of they year, Spread the Vote’s founder, Kat Calvin announced that they were expanding the organization. At first I was worried, because I am 100% behind their mission to get people IDs so they can vote. But after reading their announcement (which you can read HERE), I am even more excited.

Essentially, by doing the work to get eligible voters their IDs, they uncovered two bigger needs: 1) when people get their IDs, it didn’t just make voting more accessible, but they were also able to apply for better jobs, get food at food pantries, and so much more; 2) after getting people their IDs, they started to see the other barriers between registering to vote and actually getting to the polls.

screen shot 2019-01-12 at 6.27.21 pm

So, they’re splitting their missions into two: Project ID to get everyone who needs one, an ID, and Spread the Vote: Vote Smarter to help close the gap between registering to vote and actually voting.

Here’s how we can keep up with their work:

Spread the Vote website
Twitter: @SpreadTheVoteUS

Project ID website
Twitter: @ProjectIDUS

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  1. Whoops! The website links are reversed, just fyi. When I clicked on Project ID I got Spread The Vote, and vice versa! Sounds like they are soing amazing work! I’ve signed up for their email updates.

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