The 5 Most-Read Posts on Political⚡Charge in 2018


‘Tis the season of fun lists looking back at 2018, so we decided to look into what our top articles were this year. It’s an interesting mix that gives a pretty good look at the type of blog we are–one that looks at the civic issues of the day and what concrete steps we can each take to make a difference.

#WhereAreTheChildren: How to Help
Following the abhorrent news that the Trump administration couldn’t account for the whereabouts of nearly 20% of the minors who had been in custody, and were separating children from their parents at the border, I pulled together a list of actions people could take to help. The issue clearly struck a nerve and people shared the information widely. The post went viral, ending up in a well-read opinion piece in The Guardian and ultimately garnering a whopping 334,000+ views.

Are You Unintentionally Helping Trump?
This was a post about how so many of us–individuals and those in the media–end up amplifying Trump’s lies by repeating them. Since none of us are content to let Trump get away with his lies, we want to combat them. But HOW we do that matters.

15 Ways You Can Help Get More People Registered to Vote
With so much focus on the upcoming midterm elections, there were a lot of people who were interested in getting more people registered to vote. A lot of my posts about getting ready for the midterms round out my Top 20 but this post was the strongest and got shared in waves multiple times throughout the year. Even better, all the advice is good for 2019 and 2020!

Why Texas Voter Turnout is So Low and What Can Be Done to Reverse It
One of the earliest explainers on the blog, this post has been a year-long favorite. Texas is less a red state than a “doesn’t vote” state, and the demographics indicate that a higher turnout could make the state much more competitive. As the midterms in November proved, turnout surged and Democrats statewide did much, much better than they had in recent history.

5 Reasons to Oppose SCOTUS Nominee Brett Kavanaugh
Long before we knew how bruising of a fight the Kavanaugh nomination would be, I wrote this post about Kavanaugh’s background and included a quick script for calling Senators plus a reality check about how difficult it would be to stop the nomination.

And since I don’t want to end this roundup on a sour note, here is a recent article that is already racking up a lot of views: 36 Activists on How They’re Recharging and Readying for 2019

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