The Big Surprise Hiding in Google’s Most Searched Terms of 2018

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This is a super short post because you all are busy, but I couldn’t let a day go by and not tell you this awesome news.

Google released their top 10 search lists for 2018–you know, the top celebrities folks searched for, the songs they wanted to know about, top movies and TV shows. Yeah yeah yeah.

But when it came to their top list of “How to” searches, I about doubled over. The TOP TWO “How to…” searches that people in America googled in 2018 were:

1) How to vote

2) How to register to vote

I can’t tell you how excited that makes me. It was really important that people turned out in 2018, as you all know, and I’m delighted that so many people in our country were determined to find out more about one of their basic rights.

There’s a lot more to do, and I appreciate you are all on this ride with me to increase civic engagement in our country, but for one moment, let’s relish that interest in our elections was on top of people’s minds this year.

P.S. Here’s all the lists if you’re interested: Here’s What Everyone Was Googling in 2018

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