Sunday Reading: What Caught My Eye This Week


It’s easy to miss great articles when we’re so busy. Here are some of the pieces that I found intriguing, or ended up thinking about long after I read it.

Against Activism
I saw this article posted in a reply somewhere this week–the article is already 2 years old–and I’ll be honest that I bristled at the headline. I’m all for more activism, not less, so I launched into reading the article with my mind set to leave an angry message for the author. But that’s not what the article is about at all. It’s about how different the word “activism” is from the word “organizing.” As we prepare to enter a new year, this article provides some food for thought about how we each decide to be active in our communities.

How Journalists Cover Mass Shootings: 5 Recent Studies to Consider
Does the media ever stop to review how they cover a topic and try to learn from what they do, and don’t do, well? Well, folks who study media do, and this article summarizes 5 different studies that looked at coverage of mass shootings.

I Served in Congress Longer Than Anyone. Here’s How to Fix It.
Written by John Dingell, who represented Michigan as a Democrat for 59 years, this opinion piece laments how cynical the nation has become about our country’s institutions. He doesn’t spend much time covering why this has happened, but jumps right into what he thinks could build trust again. It’s essentially a roadmap to strengthen our democracy.

A Year After the Middle Class Tax Cut, the Rich are Winning
Bloomberg walks through each of the promises that the Republicans made (like the tax cut being for the middle class) and rates each as true/false with a short narrative of how that promise has shaken out over the last 12 months.

Take Charge of your Activism

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