Which Senate Seats are up for Re-Election in 2020?

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We won the House, and now we’re coming for the Senate.

Going into the 116th Congress, the Republicans have the Senate 53-47. The Democrats need to gain a net 4 seats to take back the Senate in 2020.

While the Democrats had a challenging landscape in 2018 because we were defending a large majority of the seats, the reverse is true in 2020. There are 34 seats up for re-election in 2020 and the Republicans will be defending 22 of them.

These are the states with Senate seats up for re-election and which party currently holds it:

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Map courtesy of Sabato’s Crystal Ball

The Republicans needing to defend so many seats should be really good news for the Democrats. But, at least half of those seats are Safe Republican. Like, really safe. And many of the rest aren’t going to be cakewalks. The analysts at Sabato’s figure only about 14 of the races (on both sides) will be competitive. Winning the Presidency can also really help the Democrats with their narrow path to taking the Senate.

Once again, we’ll need to roll up our sleeves, recruit really strong candidates, and support them enthusiastically with our time and dollars.

Sabato’s Crystal Ball has an in-depth rundown of early ratings if you’d like to dig into the details.

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