Sunday Reading: What Caught My Eye This Week


It’s easy to miss great articles when we’re so busy. Here are some of the pieces that I found intriguing, or ended up thinking about long after I read it.

The Corruption of the Republican Party
This Atlantic article boldly lays out what the Republican Party is today: their central focus is the “pursuit and abuse of power” and that taking away democratic rights is their primary strategy. The author finds seeds of what we are experiencing today all the way back in the early 60s. I recommend it so we are all open-eyed about what we’re really fighting today–it’ll still be there even after we get rid of Trump.

Is Tom Cotton’s Winning Streak about to End?
From Politico, this piece ostensibly is about the criminal justice reform bill that might actually get a vote in the Senate soon and notes Tom Cotton’s (R-Ark.) objection to it. More importantly, it traces how effective Cotton has been at killing legislation during his tenure. We usually hear about how legislators got a bill passed, but this article is quite instructive as to how senators can derail a bill. I enjoy learning more about what is actually happening behind closed doors in Congress.

A Trump-Russia Collusion Primer In 6 Minutes
Every day we get another miniscule slice of the Trump-Russia story and it’s easy to lose sight of the central thrust of what happened in our last election. Rantt Media put together this quick read to bring us the overall picture and the pieces of the story that are truly consequential. Also, it’s full of links so if you want to read more, it’s there for the taking.

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