One Year Ago Today, Doug Jones won the Alabama Senate Seat

doug jones

Senator Doug Jones (D-Alabama)

There’s nothing like winning an election that no one thinks you can win. Last year on this day, Doug Jones won his race in Alabama to the shock of the entire nation. It was one of those moments when Democrats looked at each other and realized that yes, we can be competitive anywhere.

As for me, the story was less about Doug Jones, who was a stellar candidate and did a lot right, but more about the incredible wave of grassroots activism in Alabama. Thousands of volunteers engaged their neighbors and communities and got the nation to take notice of the race. Small individual donations starting pouring in from every corner of the country to help fuel the momentum the campaign was building thanks to those volunteers. The media started to take notice. It was just amazing to see what committed, passionate volunteers could make happen.

I was so inspired by their work, that I sought out one of the volunteers I had met on Twitter and asked if she’d grant me an interview once she had caught her breath post-election. I was elated when she said yes. Frannie James was the very first interview I conducted. In honor of her work and the work of all the volunteers that led to Doug Jones’ win last year, I repost her interview. I know you’ll enjoy it:

BlueWave Interview: Frannie James on the Doug Jones Senate Race

Thank you, Doug Jones volunteers everywhere!

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