4 Key Target States for Voting Rights in 2019


The fight for voting rights can never cease. The National Democratic Redistricting Committee is wasting no time after the midterms to identify their next target states where they’ll be investing resources in the fight for better voting rights for all.

Although 2019 is a quieter year than a midterms year, there are incredibly important elections happening on November 5, 2019. Here are the four states and races that the NDRC is targeting:

The current governor is Democrat John Bel Edwards. Whether he runs for re-election or not, we’ll want to hold this seat. Ballotpedia has a dedicated page HERE for this governor’s race which will be continually updated as people step into the race. The state Senate and House are solidly Republican but there is room to make significant gains for Democrats.

The Republican incumbent only won his last election with 52.5% of the vote, so the Democrats see a path to victory. Two Democrats, including Kentucky’s Attorney General Andy Beshear, have declared their candidacy already. You can check HERE for more information about this race.

In the 2019 elections, Virginia could flip both the state Senate and the state House, where Republicans have the majority by only two seats.

A state Supreme Court justice is stepping down after her term is finished in 2019, and there are already two declared candidates, including Lisa Neubauer who is backed by the Democrats. You can check Ballotpedia’s page HERE for updates.

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NDRC’s next target states for voting rights

If you want to stay informed on the NDRC’s latest news and information about their next targets, you can sign up for updates HERE.

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