How many House seats did the Democrats flip?

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Winning never gets old, does it? Midterms 2018 was full of good news for the Democrats, and the good news keeps coming.

As of the evening of Nov. 20, the Democrats have flipped 38 seats in the House (remember we only needed 23 to take control of the House), and there are just two races left uncalled.

✦ CA-21: This race was called on Election Night but was taken back off the board when it became clear how close the race was. GOP Rep. David Valadao currently has less than a 1 point lead, but the final mail-in ballots being counted have been favoring Democrat T.J. Cox.

✦ GA-07: GOP Rep. Rob Woodall only leads Democrat Carolyn Bourdeaux by 419 votes, and the Bourdeaux campaign has asked for a recount.

To finish up, and as we’re so close to Thanksgiving, let me thank you all for any and all efforts you made to make all of these wins (and so many more) happen on Election Day 2018. We did good work. Onward!

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