So, What’s Next?.


We just watched a big blue wave bring in a metric ton of diverse Democrats into Congress and our state legislatures. Are we going to sit back and watch the tide go back out, or are we sticking around to continue this momentum into the next election?

It’s not a bad time, after fighting so hard for the midterms, to take a moment to determine how you want to spend your energy. In the wake of the 2016 election, a number of organizations popped up to tackle the challenge at hand. Now, two years later, they are taking stock of the good work they’ve done and are retooling for the next two years.

Here are three organizations I’ve been following and their plans for what comes next. If one of these action plans appeal to you, I encourage you to get involved (or stay involved) with them:


Flippable’s focus has been flipping seats in the state legislatures. Going forward, they are focusing first on the recounts and runoffs, then getting important legislation like voting rights through the new legislative sessions, and of course, a continued focus on flipping more state seats through special elections and the 2019 elections. You can read their full plan and sign up here for their action alerts.

Swing Left

Swing Left’s focus was taking back the U.S. House of Representatives. Mission accomplished! Going forward they will again look at the most competitive races but expand beyond the House to include the Senate, state legislatures, and of course, the Presidency. Sign up here to get their action alerts.


The original Indivisible guide showed many of us how to put pressure on our elected representatives and influence the workings of Congress. Now that we’ve captured the House, they’re out with a new guide–Indivisible On Offense. The guide explains how our efforts, starting immediately, can shape the agenda in the House and explains what we can and can’t do with our new majority power. A must read.

Take Charge of your Activism

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